Remarketing is a term used in internet marketing that essentially means marketing to people who have already had some kind of interaction with your brand and who have already shown an interest in a product or service you provide.
Most often, when we think of marketing, we think of increasing our brand awareness and visibility. This means that were going to be predominantly trying to reach people who have never heard of our business in order to familiarize them with who we are and what we do.
Remarketing conversely means marketing to people who already have shown an interest and maybe even lingered and looked at a store listing for a particular product.
Chances are you will have encountered this type of marketing yourself when browsing the web. If youve ever spent time looking at holidays on travel sites for instance, then you might notice adverts for those very same destinations and hotels appearing on Facebook and Google!
The Benefits
The benefit of this type of advertising is that it is targeting qualified leads and potentially converting them to paying customers. If someone has seen your product online and has spent time looking at it, it probably means theyre likely to want to buy it. Perhaps something then distracted them or took their attention away. By using Google AdWords, you can reach back out to those same people and try to remind them that your product is still there perhaps at a time when theyre able to make the purchase without interruption.
You can do this through Google AdWords but its also possible to do the same thing with CRM software. In this case, youll be tracking which of your subscribers spends time on which of your pages. You can then look at those customers that are checking out your products and give a high lead score to the ones that have shown an interest in buying.
The Downsides
Keep in mind though that this isnt a flawless system. While some of your qualified leads will be people who wanted to buy but didnt get the chance, youll also be marketing to people who have already bought the same product from your competition or who looked at your product and decided they didnt want it.
This also means that youre not creating new leads with that money, which some companies will find more beneficial. As ever, the best approach is a mixed one that combines multiple strategies into one.